Lead with your gut.

Stellate Therapeutics develops small molecules produced by human gut bacteria into first-in-class personalized therapies for neurological diseases.

Use the gut-brain connection to change the trajectory of disease.

Due to millions of years of coevolution, humans count on our gut bacteria to maintain our health.

Stellate Therapeutics uses the human microbiome as a source of small molecule therapies for devastating diseases, starting with neurological disorders.


Microbiome medicines to modify disease.

Our lead candidate, STEL-101 is a potential first-in-class, disease-modifying therapy for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Management Team & Strategic Advisory Board

Patrice Garnier

Patrice Garnier PhD


Nicole McKnight

Nicole McKnight PhD


Xavier Manière

Xavier Manière Pharm D, PhD

Head of R&D

Antoine Danchin

Antoine Danchin PhD

Scientific Founder

Bernard Munos

Bernard Munos MBA, MS

Robert Schneider

Robert Schneider PhD

Alexandre Mouradian

Alexandre Mouradian

Eric Fourmentin

Eric Fourmentin

Scientific Advisory Board

Géraldine Androdias

Géraldine Androdias MD

Sahar El Aidy

Sahar El Aidy PhD

Michael Spedding

Michael Spedding PhD